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Social Media Optimization Toronto

Social media has been a hot marketing field for several years now. So much so that people think of search engine optimization (SEO) is a little passe. However, as a SEO marketer I must defend the importance of SEO. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have made my work harder each and every year. I remember the […]

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Image Marketing 101

Images and SEO usually don’t mix. I remember working at one company many many years ago, where I sat next to the web designer and every day we would butt heads over the use of images. Often the designer wanted to design the site completely in images and I wanted lots of areas for text. […]

Reducing Twitter Noise

Unless you are a rock star, celebrity, or someone truly interesting building a Twitter following does not happen over night. However, hiring someone like me can help. Recently, I helped a client building 1,400 followers targeted to their industry. The problem was also I had several non-targeted people added in the mix. To build a […]

5 Signs of Being Addicted to Social Media

Here is a little humor…I hope you enjoy. The keyword is “little” so if you think you can be funnier please feel free to post your humorous suggestions in the comments below. 1) Most of your “friends” you’ve never actually met in person 2) You speak in 140 chars or less 3) Hanging out with […]

Top 5 Social Media Myths For Business

Businesses are rushing to social media with the misguided believe that it is the new cure all. Social media is great, but many businesses will find it live up to these high expectations. Many companies will set up a FaceBook fan page, Twitter account, etc. then let the dust collect on these social profiles and […]

Why Businesses Need to Use Twitter

Many many years ago people probably thought having a phone wasn’t necessary for business. However, the same thought today would sound silly. The same happened with the advent of the Internet. However, companies gradually embraced the idea of having a web site as an essential part of being in business. Now it is happening again […]

4 Ways to get More out of Twitter

Twitter is something that most people really don’t get. Can a 140 char message be that great? Can connecting with a bunch of people you don’t know or will never meet, really benefit you? Do people really make money from Twitter? The answer to all these questions is simply yes. So you are probably wondering […]

3 Reasons Why are Historical Tweets so Important?

Recently, I wrote an article on Google’s Realtime search. I expressed that archives and the ability to search past Tweets was very important. Many might wonder how could 140 char Tweets really be that important. Here are 3 reasons why historical Tweets are important 1) Archive of articles: Ever read an article from a Twitter […]

Google Realtime Search

At the end of June Google’s contract with Twitter to provide it’s Realtime information expired. Twitter is seeking $70 million from Google to renew the contract for 2 years. The question is will Google be willing to pay or will it move to promote its social offerings instead. Google has tried on multiple occasions without […]

Making Money With Twitter – Twitter Monetization Strategies

Many months ago I read an article where major web marketers all snubbed Twitter as a marketing tool and that their was no way to make money with Twitter. Their comment was that Twitter just didn’t produce viable revenue strategies. However, I’m going to show you how they are all very wrong. There are so […]