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How to do Youtube Keyword Research

Marketing a video on Youtube can be tricky. One of the first steps to making the process easier is to know what keywords you should target within the video content to maximize the number of people who will see your video. So here are 3 ways to quickly do some keyword research and find those […]

Youtube Optimization – Getting Videos to the Top of Youtube

Currently, the number 2 search engine is Youtube. But you are probably wondering: Why is it that certain videos get ranked above others? How I can get my video ranked at the top of Youtube? Youtube optimization is surprisingly similar to Google optimization. Just like Google the quality of the content and links matter to […]

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Gangnam Style Youtube Marketing

Those who know me know that I spent 3 years living in South Korea. The money I made there was what I used as start up capital for my first business online. My tie to Korea is made even stronger because my wife is Korean. So when Psy’s Gangnam Style song took the world by […]

5 Signs of Being Addicted to Social Media

Here is a little humor…I hope you enjoy. The keyword is “little” so if you think you can be funnier please feel free to post your humorous suggestions in the comments below. 1) Most of your “friends” you’ve never actually met in person 2) You speak in 140 chars or less 3) Hanging out with […]

How to Embed Video into a WordPress Blog

Probably you are thinking it can’t be too hard to embed a video into WordPress, but strangely is not as obvious as it should be. You might be tempted to click the media button; however, doing so doesn’t embed the video into the page. It only adds a link to where the video can be […]