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Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin

linkedin top 1% most viewed profilesI just received a very cool email from Linkedin. My profile was ranked as in the top 1% percentage of most viewed profiles on Linkedin. :) This makes me feel incredibly special..nice ego boost. But I know that getting to the top of Linkedin wasn’t just shear luck. Here are some of the tricks I did to make my profile popular.

1) Built Linkedin connections: Currently, I have over 5000 first level connections and get 10-20 requests per day. One way that I have built these connections was to join groups like “LIONS” and “Open Networkers” which are people who are power connectors and will connect with anyone. I also make sure to connect with everyone who asks. The result is more visibility and more activity on my profile.

2) Target strong keywords: Linkedin profiles are searched and the way people search is no different then the way people search on Google. People use similar keywords. So doing some Google keyword research to find nice keywords to target within my profile really helps. Profiles on Linkedin can be optimized for these keywords just like regular web pages can be. Remember make your profile 100% complete is really important.

3) Update Linkedin status: I try to frequently update my Linkedin status. Updates are seen by my connections and act as a means of driving people to my profile.

Doing all of these things maybe won’t get you to the top 1% but they will get you more activity and more business. Any comments are welcomed.

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