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SEO/SEM work

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*Search Engine Optimization and top search engine rankings: *
Search engine optimization of a site involving keyword research, competitive analysis and designing the site’s content to improve search engine rankings but without loosing sight of user friendy design and ascetics of the web site.

*Link building*:
This involves finding suitable link sites and submitting link requests. Learn about my seo link building campaigns and see link building packages for pricing.

*Social and viral market: *
Building sources of new traffic and links through social media sites like Youtube, Twitter, Blogs. Also looking at promoting your business through Myspace and Facebook pages.

*Wikipedia marketing *:
Developing content for Wikipedia that drives traffic to your web site.

*Content building*:
Writing and developing pages within a site. These pages can be used to features new services and products and would be designed to be effective on the search engines. Reviewing design changes and new content developed by the client to determine any impact on marketing.

*Web analytics*:
Checking where traffic is coming from and where it is being lost or places where increased marketing effects could be placed. Familiar with web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Aw Stats, and Web Trends.

*Mini Site/Blog Development:*
Using portal sites and/or web journals to increase Internet branding and to encourage a greater marketing effort by company’s employees

*Keyword research:*
Researching through online databases or site’s weblogs/web stats for targeted key phrases searches.

*Google Adwords Management:*
Managing Adword campaigns and maximizing ROI with CPC.

*Strategic link buys and partnership development:*
Working with advertisers to maximize ad placement effectiveness and cost.

*Newsgroup Submissions*:
Writing articles to target new potential clients, these articles would be posted on newsgroups that are targeted to the product.

*Market Analysis:*
Determining the level of competition and design strategies to maintain or improve ranking.

*Search engine ranking review and resubmission*
 Looking at the current state of the website. Checking the same criteria as what was done for the competition analysis. As well a review of web logs to determine how much and where the current traffic is coming from. Reviewing determines the success of the SEO work and will be useful to determine future tweaking. Ranking report will be generated.

*Newsletter maintenance*:
Developing and writing a monthly newsletter to keep clients informed on new products or web site developments.

*Internet Legal Advice:*
Dealing with legal issues of the web and managing issues like cyber squatting and malicious links.

*Usability Review:*
Dealing with issues of traffic loss or poor conversions.

*Site Hierarchy Development:*
Designing a flow to a site or link structure.

*SEO Research and Education:*
Finding out about the latest changes within the online marketing sphere and educating the client on the impact these changes may have on them.

*Search Engine and Directory Ban Resolution Services:*
Dealing with dropped links or pages from search engines and directory. Working to remove ban pages/sites. Sometimes developing ways to have pages removed from the search engines.

*Marketing Strategy Development and Web Site Migration:*
Dealing with developing future marketing strategies and dealing with how to change domains or how to deal with site redesigns.

*RSS Feeds:*
Working with RSS to manage content and promote content to users.

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