Twitter Lingo & Twitter Shorthand
A brief introduction to the laugage of Twitter. Here is a a guide to Twitter Lingo (Twingo) and Twitter Shorthand.

& = and
Ppl = people
LoL = laugh out loud
:) = smile
:( = sad
😉 = wink
AFK = away from keyword
BTW = by the way
TTFN = ta-ta for now
CYA = see you
IMHO = in my humble opinion
L8R = later
MT = mistell
GG = good game
Thx or TX or TY = thank you
RL = real life
IRL = in real life
PLZ = please
WTF = what the f**k (should be avoided to be polite)
BRB = be right back
JK = just kidding
BFF = best friend forever
DK = don’t know
G2G = got to go
FYI = for your information
IC = I see
BF = boyfriend
GF = girlfriend
FF = Follow Friday
DM or DT = Direct Message (sends private message)
RT = ReTweet
Tweetup = meet up on Twitter for chat
ICYMI = In Case You Missed It
MRT = Modified ReTweet: Use when you have to edit the original tweet for grammar, spelling, or space for your comments
NTS = Note to self

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