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Strategy for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Effective affiliate marketing is a powerful and highly misunderstood marketing tool. The goal for most affiliate marketers is to create a squeeze page then get as many companies to promote that page on their sites. Most people do affiliate marketing in this passive way. They give the affiliates a lead gen form and a simple […]

Three Big Mistakes that People Make About Social Media

This might sound funny but I always tell people that I’m the least social person that is social on social media. Reading that sounds like SEO keyword spam for the “social”, but what I mean by it is: I don’t use social media in order to make friends I use it to drive business to […]

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Creating 301 redirects

If you read my previous article on 404 errors and Google you will realize the importance of 301 redirects. The question you may be asking yourself as you read this is: What is a 301 redirect. Answer is simply a 301 redirect brings someone from one page to another automatically. If page x has a […]

404 Errors and Google

Change is the one true constant. Web sites should always be in a state of change in order to grow. However, change is a dangerous thing and if done incorrectly can actually hinder a site. One of the most common things I see especially after successfully optimizing a site is the following: The site starts […]

Rich Content and Google Panda

The typical panda bear eats about 9 to 14 kg (20 to 30 pounds) of bamboo shoots a day. That’s a lot of bamboo. Therefore a panda will like to find places to sit down where there’s lots of bamboo to eat, rather then gather a little bit here and there. Google’s Panda is very […]

February Update and Google Localization

In 2011 worked on a site for a Cambridge Ontario photographer. When I checked her site’s rankings, I was pleased to find her in the top ten, but was not pleased to see what was ranked above her. While searching on Google.ca, the sites above her were from Cambridge England and US. As a Canadian […]

Social Signals and Google Rankings

If you ever watch American Idol, the judges always seem to mention an X-factor. Something special and somewhat intangible that makes one singer better than the other. Google works in tangible ways but sometimes understanding why one site ranks above all others seems to be governed by some mystical x-factor. Usually within seconds of looking […]

Top 5 Social Media Myths For Business

Businesses are rushing to social media with the misguided believe that it is the new cure all. Social media is great, but many businesses will find it live up to these high expectations. Many companies will set up a FaceBook fan page, Twitter account, etc. then let the dust collect on these social profiles and […]

10 Ranking Factors for Google: Myths and Misconceptions Part 2

This is part 2 of the top 10 list for Myths and Misconceptions of Google ranking factors. Time spent on the site There was a belief the Google would track the time people spent on a page after they had clicked a link from its search results. The belief was if a link resulted in […]

10 Ranking Factors for Google: Myths and Misconceptions

There are many things that you must do to rank higher in the search and I’ve written many times on these factors. However, there are many factors that aren’t as important as people may believe or have no impact on a site’s rankings. My clients frequently call me in a panic because they hear a […]