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What is in it for me? 5 ways of creating value for your potential clients

What is in it for me? This is the one question that if you can’t answer for your potential client, then you will never be successful. It is also the very first question on the minds of all clients. The question may never be asked, but it should always be answered. Here are some ways to best answer this question for your potential clients:

1) Show value
The very nature of what makes a client a client is that they are spending money with you. If they are spending money with you then they are expecting to get equal or more back. Think of your clients as investors. Why would they invest in you if there is no return on that investment. In my field, search engine optimization (SEO) consulting, showing value sometimes can be a challenge. The way I explain things is mathematical. A topical site converts 2% of its traffic. That means if you drive 50 people to a site then you get 1 sale. Drive more people and you get more sales. Topically with my SEO work a client would get 100-1000 visitors per day. Then I follow up the math with a question to the client about how much a customer is worth to them. The point is by showing a logical value for money spent it makes it easy for the client to see their ROI.

2) Show a comparison
One way of showing value and giving the client a sense how they will benefit is to create a comparison. This is commonly done by giving your potential client an option of a competitor’s product. You the advantages in cost, results, and benefits of your product/service over theirs. To continue my personal example I compare the costs of my services to my main competitor which is Google itself. Google Adwords costs on average $1 per click. So if through organic SEO you can get about 100 visitors per day, the same traffic would have cost you $100 per day and $3000 over a month period. Also, when you stop the Google Adwords the visitors stop as well. Comparing the strengths of your product or service puts in the client’s mind arguments for why they need to move ahead with your service. Most clients will need to rationalize their decision, you goal is to provide them with the rational to do so.

3) Show duration
When a client is making a purchasing decision they will wonder how long will the product or service benefit them. They want to know what is in it for them and how long. With my example of search engine optimization, I explain how with organic SEO, the site will continue driving visitors long after the initial SEO work is complete. Showing that they can receive value or benefits long into the future makes the sale a much easier process.

4) Show timelines
When a client knows what to expect, it is much easier for them to see value. The goal here is to show the timeline and deliverables. Will they get something immediate, how long will it take before they see a return. Generally, clients will want things sooner rather than later. But it is important to create realistic timelines in the client’s mind. For me some projects can take months, but if the client is patient the benefit outweighs the cost. This is really important to explain timelines to the potential client because time can be a major investment for them. They might not have the financial resources to afford the wait. Try give them a timeline that shows not only the end result but what benefits they can expect to receive along the way. For me I explain how in the short term the keywords that will generally rank well will be the long tails. However these keywords can drive traffic, while the site gradually ranks for the big terms. This is how I create an understanding of the short term benefits and long terms benefits.

5) Show urgency
Be careful of how you show urgency, but realize clients need motivation to make a decision. Creating a sense of urgency will help them to make their decision quicker. Topical methods of achieving this are limited time offers, sales, and promotions. For me the way I create a sense of urgency is to express the potential loss of business. Business they are loosing by not using my service as soon as possible.

So I hope I’ve answered in your mind “What is in it for me?”. Now apply these ideas for your own business.

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