Search engine optimization or SEO is all about getting sites found in the organic rankings on the search engines for targeted keywords. This means you don’t have to paid to get list or for clicks. The only costs associated are either from the time involved to get your own site ranked or the costs associated with having someone else do the work for you. There are many misconceptions about SEO and I hope this article will dispel some of them for you.

5 things that SEO is!
1) SEO is search engine optimization and is white hat meaning that it works with the search engines rather than against them.
2) SEO is based on search engine algorithms.
3) SEO is about targeting keywords which people (clients) looking for your business would search.
4) SEO is achieved by controlling two main factors content and links
5) Content is important for successful SEO

5 things that SEO isn’t
1) Magic…SEO does not involve smoke and mirrors or other forms of trickery
2) Blackhat…SEO does not try to trick the search engines into ranking a site high or for irrelevant keywords
3) Instant…SEO takes time and the results can be slow to achieve but when done right it can also be lasting.
4) Guaranteed…there are no guarantees with SEO. When done right a site, should improve its rankings.
5) Stagnant…SEO is ever changing and evolving…a good SEO must always be learning new tricks.