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How to do SEO? Where to Learn SEO?

Two of the most common questions people ask me are: “How to do SEO? Where to Learn SEO?” When I first started working as an SEO consultant there were barely any resources for people to learn SEO. At the time many of the SEO tricks were carefully guarded secrets. Back in 1999 I wrote an article about how to SEO a site called “The Art of SEO”. It was a a bit of play on words because one of my first businesses was selling high-end art from a site called UCanBuyArt.com. I used my SEO knowledge to bring to the site to the top of Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista. At that time, Yahoo was the big player and Google was just starting out. However, with that said much of the same ideas apply to how to successfully optimize for today’s search engines.

The basics of SEO: How to do SEO well?

1) Make the site indexable:
– Check the robots.txt file.
– Check for broken links.
– Check for W3C validity.

2) Use the right keywords
– Create a list of keywords
– Use Google Planner
– Do test searches to see popular suggested searches.

3) Create the right site navigation
– Make sure there is a consistent top navigation.
– Make sure all pages are only a few clicks deep.
– Build a sitemap.xml page.

4) Build links and social engagement
– Get social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+
– Create daily messages on the social platforms with links to your site
– Check competitors’ backlinks using tools like: MajesticSEO, Ahref
– Build links from directories, article sites, and quality link sources.

5) Manage the site
– Webmaster Tools
– Google Analytics

Where to learn SEO?

However, to get good at the basics recommend visiting popular SEO sites like:
WarriorsForum (Many new SEOs and less seasoned specialists use this site. However, sometimes useful information can be gleamed from it. Also, they sometimes provide some good offers.)
WebmasterWorld.com (Quality SEO specialists hang out here. Great place to find out about the latest updates on the search engines.)
Blackhatworld.com (Learning of the dark side of SEO. Good place to understand some other tricks and tips.)
https://groups.google.com/forum/ (Connecting with Google and seeing how Google has responding to past issues people experienced with Google.)
mattcutts.com (Google’s official word on SEO)

Also, I recommend reading the articles I’ve created in this site for great information about how to do SEO. If you have questions still about where to learn SEO or how to do SEO well, please feel free to comment below and I’ll gladly help.

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