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Why SEO is Not Dead

seo is not dead

Why jumping on SEO trends can be dangerous

The basics of SEO haven’t changed, since the term was first coined back in 1997.
However, the nuances of SEO change on a daily basis. Google openly stated that it tweaks its algorithm over 400 times per year. Staying aware of the SEO trends is important. Where jumping on a trend can be dangerous is if that trend is leveraging a black hat or temporary exploit. Some famous ones in the past were white text on a white background or the use of cloaking. The problem with these techniques is they are usually short term in their gains and they only last until the search engines fix the issue. A better approach is to look long term. Do things that will not only work today but will work 5 years from now. Building sites with rich content that engages users will always be a good SEO tactic. Ultimately the search engines want to guide people to places with the best answers to the search questions. The role of the SEO should always be to guide their clients to creating such web sites.

How listening to what Google says about SEO is important to
your SEO strategy

Google is the dominant search engine. The changes that happen there affect how SEO will live or die.
Therefore, listening to everything coming from them is important. Sometimes when watching the latest Matt Cutts video it isn’t necessarily what he he says that’s important as much as what he doesn’t say. Often he will hint at things, which points to where Google is planning to go. When Google launched mobilegeddon the SEO world panicked. It was the first time Google warned in advance that there would be a major algorithm change. If you watched the news from Google, on the surface it appeared that on Apr. 21, 2015 the world would end if your site was not mobile friendly. However, there was a between the line interpretation that implied it wouldn’t be such a quick impact. A roll out of the algorithm was implied, which meant people had time to prepare even after the date. Still to this date the impact hasn’t been felt as much as people would have expected. Listening to what Google is saying or implying is important to your SEO strategy, if you what your business to be found today and in the future.

Why it is important to write with SEO in mind, but not SEO

True SEO isn’t about keyword stuffing or matching some exact keyword density, it is about understanding the rules the search engines set. Often web sites don’t get in trouble because they are deliberately trying to game the search engines, usually it is because the ones building the sites just don’t know what they are doing is just plain bad. For example some developer used flash or excessive JavaScript which prevented the search engines from properly reading the information within a web site. Understanding what works or doesn’t can prevent you site index issues or penalty issues that can result from poor design choices. Before the site is even built a SEO should be brought in to make sure the planned design will comply with the search engine guidelines and will allow all the content, which the search engines use to rank sites, to be found. SEO and design must go hand in hand.

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