When I was young Geek was a term used to refer to those who were unfortunately blessed with brains and not brawn. It was not a good thing. As a skinny, vertically challenged, A-student, I fit right into the stereotype. I even had overly large glasses to boot. Geekdom was so uncool and I tried to fight a loosing battle to be cool. I joined clubs at school chess, debating, and reach for the top…hmm I wonder why that didn’t work. I tried to get into sports despite what people may say to the contrary size does matter. I did my steps from denial to acceptance and realized I needed to embrace my inner geek. That was then…

Nowadays it is cool to be uncool. It is the age of the geek. There was a misspelling in the bible when it said the “meek shall inherit the Earth”. There should have been a “g” instead of an “m” in meek. Today the geek empire stretches beyond the kingdoms of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and has taken control of our very mindset. Movies depict geeks as heroes as in Scott Pilgrim and the cool kids now must have the latest and greatest geek toys like an iPhone or Kindle. The world has become a better and geekier one and leaves one to wonder how long will the good times last?

Geek power

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