Necessity is the mother of all invention. Well my need is great. Several months ago, I was falling into a rut. My business was doing fine, but I had lost my motivation to really build it up. To resolve this issue I did something crazy. I bought a house. Not any ordinary house, but a 1.3 million dollar house. It is a large expense, which made we wonder if I could actually afford it. But it got me motivated again. In fact, now I’m scrambling to build my business and pay for my mental lapse. Fortunately, the house is being built and I don’t have to pay for it until September 10th of 2010. So I got some time. The idea struck me of a million dollar experiment where I show the world and most importantly you: How I went from my current situation to a point where I can raise the $1 million in less than a year. Now I know you have probably read about people making millions online in a very short time, but the majority of those stories are bogus. If anyone has seriously made millions with any of the many get rich schemes online, please tell me. Better yet, could I borrow a million for my new home?

Now an experiment is not really good with only one test subject. So here is where you come into it. I want not only to make myself $1 million but I want to do the same for you. Now you should be wondering, how we are going to make a million dollars. For my part I’m going to test out different well established means to make money online. Every month, I’ll report about how successful each was. For those who take part in this little crazy experiment I will expect the same. I’ll share with everyone, through this site, stories of everyone’s successes and failures. The idea is we will learn from each other. The more people we can get involved the better many minds working on a problem means greater likelihood that it will be solved. I will hold nothing back if I find a method to make money that works, I will be completely open and honest about it. I hope to develop an action plan that can be followed by everyone who decides to take part. The goal is to make $1 million for me, for you, for everyone.

Want to get involved…sign up and share your ideas… I’ll post it for free! That’s free marketing for you and the ability to work to make $1 million dollars. Not too bad, right???.



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