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“For my new art website, what is the best internet marketing plan available out there.”

Here is my answer about best online promotion for artists:

I have a funny story that I hope can answer your question. In 1999, I launched an art web site where I tried to sell art ranging in prices from $2000-300,000. I had almost no budget for marketing. I quickly realized no one buys art online. However, I managed to get good at understanding search engines and generated about 2000 visitors per day. However, it only generated $100,000 in sales per year. So many people saw my success with SEO work that they wanted my help with their businesses. As a result, I ended becoming a professional SEO and make much more promoting other people’s businesses.

However, I’ll share a bit of what I learned works best. Online artist name is important and their niche style and media. Finding niche keywords and names are easier for rankings and provide large amounts of targeted visitors.Use my SEO checklist for guidelines

If you work as a single artist promote your name brand offline and put your business card with web address on all art sold. If your a gallery, then encourage your artists to do the same.

Another big thing that will increase your web marketing and profitability is to make partnerships. For example I made partnerships with galleries, framers, art appraisers, art restorers, and more people who were in fields who complimented my business. I give them many referrals but they do same for me and we promote each other.

I hope this helps and I’ll willing to give you more advice on how to promote art online. I still run the art site and have a lot of experience.

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