Recently, I was on Internet Citadel’s online show speaking about Linkedin. ( ) After the show Kathy Stover, who was one of the show’s organizers, asked me about how to set up an auto-responses on Linkedin. Auto-responders are commonly used with Twitter. Whenever you make a connection, the auto-responder will send an email reply saying thank you for following me. From my experience with Linkedin, I could not find a tool that automates the process. In many ways this might be a good thing because taking the example of Twitter, the automated thank you direct messages often get ignored as spam.

I did manage to find a way to semi-automate the process which allows for two important things. First I wanted to create something which saves time. Second it has to give the end user a response that will engage them and be unique to them.

So here is the process…

First thing you need to do is to create a nice greeting in a text document. Something like: “Thank you for connecting with me on Linkedin. You can learn more about me by visiting my website at URL or follow me on twitter @. I noticed you are in the field of [fill in the blank]. I have clients interested in [fill in blank]. I’m sure there is business we can do together. Feel free to call me anytime at phone#.”

When someone invites you to connect, you receive an email from Linkedin subject…so-and-so requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn. Press “accept” in the email, this will take you to your Linkedin in account, where you are given the option to “send message”. Also shows a one line description of the person. Click send message and use your text document filling in the blanks with the appropriate information from the person’s description and presto you have a semi-automated response. The whole process should take less than a minute.

The more customized you make the response the better return response you’ll get. It is important to encourage the person to contact you and give a means to do so. The goal is to build a business relationship. Another important thing to realize is you have to offer them an opportunity where they feel they will get business from you. From my experience, most people live by the philosophy “what is in it for me”. Personally I live by the philosophy “give and you will receive” :)

Feel free to add me to your connections on Linkedin by visiting and be prepared to receive my exciting semi-automated response 😉

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