Google comes out with some really great applications. The browser size from Google Labs fits into that category of greatness. One of the biggest reasons why sites fail to convert their traffic into sales is a poorly placed banner or link. Link, ad, or sign-up form that is too far down a page or off to the right of a page may not get seen. There are two major factors that affect how people view your site: 1) Monitor Size 2) Monitor Resolution. Monitor sizes are becoming lrger and larger the old 15″ monitors are becoming passe and 17″+ screens are becoming the norm. Back in 2000, 56% of all monitors were set of 800 x 600 resolution compared to today where only 4% of people’s monitors are set at that. Today fortunately 91% of people are using monitor set to 1024 x 768 or higher, which means more of your site will get seen by them. However, just to throw a wrench in the whole thing mobile access of the web is growing. Mobile devices typically use small screens at low resolutions. The norm of large screen size with high resolution may get surpassed by the popularity of mobile access. So don’t get left in the dust make sure your site means the needs of the users who are visiting it.

Below is a screen shot of how Google’s Browser Size works. I tested it with my site but it works simply for any web site.


Test it out on your site at

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