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How to Boost Your Google Exposure?

Google is the number #1 search engine receiving over 60% of all Internet searches. Google allows people to search over 20 billion pages…yes, that’s billion pages. Basically, there are four pages in Google’s index for every person on the planet. That’s a lot of pages and a lot of competition to get top ranked. For most businesses it is not getting a web site but getting people to come to there site that is their biggest problem. Fortunately ranking top on Google is not magic. There are two factors that Google uses to determine rankings. These factors are: 1) the content of your site 2) links pointing to your site. To sort out your site’s content involved planning which keywords to target and then using those keywords systematically inside your site. This type of work is commonly done by search engine optimizers (SEO) who can charge one to two thousand to several thousand to optimize your site.
Before you run off and hire a SEO, realize this only starts the process. Still the second factor, which is links to your site, needs to be addressed. Even a well optimized site will not rank well on Google without having a strong link presence. To build links requires actively searching for related sites that would be willing to post your link. Usually you end up finding competitors’ sites, which more often than not will be unwilling to post your link. Link building is a tedious process but the benefits of a good link building campaign can be seen by the traffic driven by a top ranking on Google.

Here are two low cost strategies that can bring visitors and success to your site:

1) Piggybacking on others: The best way to promote you business/site is to piggyback the success of others. Find high traffic sites and get them to either link to your site or accept your article.

2) Directories are golden: There are thousands of directories out there and each can be sources for strong links and good traffic. Generally the search engines rank directories higher than standard web sites. A strong directory acts not only as source of traffic, but as a strong themed link to your web site. This is part of the reason why businesses list in an online directory because it is a means to get highly ranked and it is worth the cost of paying for the link. is an online business directory that specializes in bringing small businesses and entrepreneurs to the forefront of Google.  They do it at a fraction of the cost with no monthly fees or cost per lead.  You don’t have to have a website or any Internet Marketing experience.
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