Allan Pollett

Toronto SEO Consultant

Humans Might Not be able to Keep up with AI

There is a time delay from the introduction of a new technology and the moment it becomes commonplace and just accepted. I remember the when first personal computers were introduced in the late 70s that it wasn’t until the early-90s they were commonplace and accepted by all. The smartphone was introduced in 1992 and didn’t become commonplace until the mid-2000s. Part of the reason for the slow adoption of the technology is the natural comfort level with people to change their ways and to learn a new thing. Also, early versions of the new technologies were not necessarily the most user friendly. There is both a growth and learning curve that slow the rate of adoption of the technology.

The next revolution is AI technology. However, unlike previous technologies that allowed many years for people to wrap their heads around, AI can improve and create new technologies before even people can understand the original concept. Openai is now in the top 20 most visited sites on the Internet. People have embraced the new technology but are still learning how to use it and what exactly it means. AI development happens so fast that it makes itself obsolete in shorter and shorter amounts of time. Last year there was a viral AI generated video of Will Smith eating spaghetti. It is a very disturbing video to watch because his face movement are jarring and at points it almost looks like the spaghetti is eating Will Smith. In contrast 1 year later AI video can generate aerial views of 19th century towns based on a few prompts as if filmed by a major Hollywood studio. What will next year bring or the year after that? This is just image or movie generation. AI isn’t limited to these simple tasks. Anything that can be imagined will be imagined by AI. It will create new technologies then reimagine them a dozen times over before we silly humans could even understand what wonders they created.

The problem I see for the future is that humans with our limited ability to adapt to change with not be able to keep with the rapid change AI will present us. We are obsolete.

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