I remember watching Penn and Teller live in New York and thinking how great they were. They did not only amaze and delight me with the magic tricks but by showing how they did the tricks they just performed. Seeing how simple magic really was for me, was more impressive then the actual magic trick itself. Later I remember attending many other magic shows and the words of one magician really struck a cord with me. He said that often he was asked how he performed some of his most amazing tricks and his reply to those who asked was that secrets to all magic tricks could be found in a library. To this response he would always get the same reaction. The people would not believe him and often dismiss the magician’s answer as his way of maintaining his secret. The funny thing is the magician was telling the truth but most people can’t be bothered to go out and do the research required to learn the tricks themselves. This is why magic tricks are still magical. Internet marketing is just like magic. It seems like magic for most people why certain web sites rank at the top of the search engines. Many people have the misconception that the top organic rankings are also paid rankings. Others believe there is some special magic code used by marketers to allow them to get sites ranked to the top.

One major difference between web marketing and magic is the location of where to find the secrets. Library books don’t make the best place to search for answers because usually the case is by the time a book is published about the Internet the information contained in it is out of date. The good news is that you can save yourself the trip to the library and find all you need to know by searching online. In this web site you are on contains many of the best secrets to getting good rankings. My approach to web marketing has been to educate my clients on how to do the work. Many marketers will try to hide the tricks to getting good rankings. The way I see it is just like magic even when you know about the smoke and mirrors, it is the magician’s skill that keeps you coming back for more. With web marketing it’s the same the skill of the marketer is what keeps clients coming back. Also most clients can’t be bothered to go to the Internet library to learn the secrets themselves :)

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