Allan Pollett

Toronto SEO Consultant

Last Post of 2020

2020 is finally ending and with it a huge opportunity is being created with 2021. Businesses regardless of the year change at the beginning of each year. The turning of the clock makes people hopeful and consider new possibilities for what could be done in the new year. Budgets usually end at the ends of each year and new budgets are created to usher in the next year. 2020 was a year that presented huge challenges for businesses. From worldwide lockdowns to mass uncertainty, it was a year unlike any other. There is a wise adage that says with great challenges come great opportunities. We can all agree that 2020 brought some of the greatest challenges in recent history. When one combines these three ideas, challenges of 2020 with the promise of 2021 and new budgets, we see that there is possibly the largest opportunity created for this January. The question becomes how to take advantage of the opportunity and reap the rewards.

Two simple things to do for 2020. First contact your existing clients and customers and wish them a happy new year. This will remind them of you and shows that you care about them. Use this contact not only to simply say “happy new year” but to pledge to them your support and dedication. The new year is a time to create new first impressions and it is best to do so strong.

Second learn from the mistakes of 2020. People who have learned from the past can be the ones who can provide the solutions for the future. Help others to learn as well and be the source for support your for customers and clients.

Finally, happy new year!

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