Playing Dumb as Linkedin Marketing Tactic

In business I found that those, who stick their necks out to ask a question, are usually the same ones to get the axe. Fortunately Linkedin differs from the real world business experience. Linkedin allows business owners to post questions which can be categorized and seen by anyone on Linkedin. The questions can also be sent to up 200 people from your contact list. With over 100 million users questions can get a lot of exposure. So on Linkedin asking good questions is a good thing. Make your questions broad enough so that many can feel they are able to answer and yet specific enough to target your business offering.

Playing Dumb

For example I played dumb and asked the question, how do I go about promoting a local event? I gave all the details about the event in the post. Then I sent the questions to my local contacts and industry targeted where the question was placed on Linkedin. The result was people not only answered the question giving lots of free places to get local advertising, but checked the event and some even ended up attending the event. So when forming a question think about your target audience, what types of responses you’ll get, and how to subtly promote your own business. Another example would be to ask if a price for a product is too little to charge and if you should raise the price, but have a link showing the product at the low price. People will instantly think they are getting a bargain and they better act quickly before the price goes up.

The idea behind playing dumb is to get people talking and to get those people talking about your business or product. Remember there are no dumb questions.

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