Every month it seems like I get 2 jobs offers from businesses who want an in-house SEO. It is frustrating for me because I really love working from home (especially enjoy the morning commute to work). However, turning down offers of $80,000 to $100,000 hurts. I know I can make more money freelancing as I do but money is money and I could always use more. I wish companies could understand one simple truth that people actually can work better in their chosen environment. Study after study confirms what I’m saying to be true. Employees who work from home are happier and work longer and more effectively than those in an office environment. Now I realize that certain jobs require an in-house presence but for what I do it really isn’t necessary. The role of the SEO very computer oriented.

Are outsourced workers accountable?

One major reason, companies having their staff in-house, is to look over their shoulders to make sure they are working on the projects. Most companies want a feeling of control. Though this may appeal to a business owner’s power trip, it doesn’t necessarily to get the best result. As a freelancer, I know that I must work hard to maintain my position because there are hundreds of freelancers ready to take my place. I work without contracts generally and whether a company chooses to work with me is based solely on my performance. I’m only as good as the last project I completed. This is a big advantage for a company using outsourced help because they know a freelancer is surviving from project to project.

Are outsourced employees reliable?

Five months ago my wife had our second child. It was a crazy time for me balancing taking care of my first child, my wife, the new baby, and managing my clients. If I had been working within a company I probably would have asked for time off. As a freelancer, I ended up working strange hours to get things done for my clients. I never let the work suffer because as I said earlier anyone that works outside of the office is judged on their performance on the last project they complete. So any freelancer who wants to be in business for a long term will make sacrifices for their clients. Because of labour laws, a company would be hard pressed to expect the same from their in-house employees. Probably they would get sued if they pushed their employees in the same manner.

Are outsourced employees more expensive?

Most of the job offers that I get are to manage one businesses corporate web site. Though SEO often requires ongoing work it doesn’t always require daily work. More often than not I can optimize a site and it will rank well for a year or even longer. It much cheaper over the long term to have an employee who can solve the problem and be brought in from time to time to deal with issues that arise over time than to have an employee that you need to pay for on an ongoing basis. The cost of in-house employee not only includes their salary but includes things like office spaces costs, office expenses, and ongoing management of that employee. For companies seeking to cut costs outsourcing is really the only way to go.

This is just food for thought. I hope those companies who are planning to offer me another job will read this and instead of trying to bring me in-house they consider outsource my talent.

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