This year is going to be a big year for me and I hope to take you along for the ride. I’m planning many marketing activities including more updates on my Million Dollar Experiment. Below is a look inside my head for only a few of the things I have planned. I am always open to suggestions. If there is something you want to learn more about just email me…I won’t bite…just nibble :) The below titles will become links once each project is completed. Check back often for updates.

SEO Articles that I’m working on:

– Link baiting
– Google Side Wiki
– Spinning
– Why I hate MLMs
– Blog Carnivals
– Meme
– Search parameters…enhancing your search
– creating RSS feeds
– Sexy side of search
– Facebook fan pages
– Tweet Optimization
– Ning
– All about Outsourcing
– Reciprocal Linking
– Getting ideas for articles
– Reach out and Tweet Someone
– Paul & Angela Profiles…Profile Marketing
– How to sell a URL or online business
– Squidoo lens creation
– Web analytics
– Stumbling Through the Web
– Digging Digg
– Google web analytics
– WordPress mini sites
– PPC vs. SEO
– PR Drain Myth or Reality
– Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO…Battle of the Hats
– Google History
– History of Search
– What is Bing?
– Mini site madness…affliate trick explained
– Google Earth
– Google Phone
– .Mobi
– The Way Back Machine
– eBook Cover Creation (video & article)
– Web marketing in a 140 chars or less
– Spam and the law
– History of Allan Pollett…who is that guy 😉

SEO & Web Marketing eBooks I’m working on:

– Blogging for Riches
– Twitter Marketing Course part 2
– WordPress marketing
– Squidoo lens creation and marketing guide
– Google Adwords
– Facebook Marketing
– Linkedin Marketing
– History of Search
– All about Google
– All about Yahoo
– All about Bing

SEO & Web Marketing Courses that I’ll be offering:

– Twitter Marketing Course
– SEO Marketing Course<
– Blog Marketing Course
– Social Media Marketing Course

Any questions about articles or if you are interested in attending a course, please feel free to contact me at 905-417-9470 or by email at

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