This section will be devoted to gathering all of the search engine marketing and web marketing articles I have written over the years. Also, I hope to be able to find some of the TV and radio interviews I have done and have them available to view here.

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Link Glossary – A glossary of link types…learn all about links with some ideas where and how to build links.

8 Seconds Rule – What is the eight seconds rule? How to make your web site’s first impression better so your visitors will stay.

Tweets on Google – Twitter’s tweets are now showing up on Google’s search results. What does this mean for SEO and Twitter?

Google Adwords Terminology – Understanding Google Adwords Keyword Research Terminology..What are exact, phrase, negative, or broad matches?

Google Semantic Search – What is semantic search? What is LSI? How does it affect SEO?

Internet Marketing is Magic – learn the secrets behind Internet marketing…no more smoke and mirrors.

Outsourcing SEO Talent – Should companies consider outsourcing SEO talent?

Internet Scam – Learn how affiliate marketers use the search engines to fool us into believing a product is worth buying.

Google Wave Review – What is Google Wave? What does Google Wave for the future of communication?

Tweet Tank Review – Is it a scam? What is Tweet Tank? How is it used? All the answers and Tweet Tank review.

SEO Planning – A 10 step strategy for tackling clients’ search engine optimization.

Bookmarking Demon Review – What are social books? How do they benefit SEO? What is Bookmarking Demon?

Twitter Marketing Uses – How to use Twitter as a Marketing Tool – Why I love Twitter?

Twitter Secret Revealed – Twitter Secret Revealed to Building Followers & Making Money Easily

Google Bombs – What are Google bombs and link bombs and how to use them for Google rankings?

Google Toolbar for SEO – Using Google’s Toolbar to preform basic SEO analysis of a web site.

Link Wheels – What are link wheels? How to build link wheels?

Twitter Autofollow – Twitter Marketing – To Auto Follow or Not to Auto Follow? Should we use Twitter auto follow software?

Building Google Sitemaps – what are Google sitemaps, why are they useful, and how to make them.

Death of Geocities – The End of an Era…how a $4.6 billion company disappeared.

The Art of Writing About Nothing – The secrets writers and marketers use to convince people that they are writing an informative article without having to be informative.

A picture is worth a thousand words…last honest man standing – this is not a SEO article but is an article on best business practices.

YouTube Promoted Videos Will Appear in Google’s AdSense – what are YouTube Promoted Videos and what does this mean for your Google AdSense campaigns?

Understanding Clicks Verses Conversions with Google Adwords – maximizing your Google Adwords campaign to get the most sales for the least amount of money.

Google Indexing Javascript – When is a link not a link? Learning how to manage outbound links.

Google Adwords – How much is a visitor worth? – How knowing how much a client is worth can save you from loosing money with Google Adwords.

Twitter Marketing Course – A half day course on using Twitter for marketing purposes.

SEO Checklist – What to do to optimize for Google, Bing and Yahoo

How good people can do bad things – A look at Google and what they have planned for us

Twitter Marketing – The power of Twitter and using it in your online marketing campaigns.

Keyword Research Verification – What is it? How to do it? Why to do it? Where? When? etc…

Keyword Research – SEO basics…how to do keyword research easily to achieve the best results

Google Caffeine – whats is Google Caffeine and what does it is mean to SEO?

Twitter Spam – ntoiced something that some twitterers are doing in order spam twitter to build businesses. It has a bit a cuteness to it.

Network Unreachable Error – can be time consuming to deal with. This article explains the cause and solution to resolve a network unreachable error.

Indexing Errors – recently worked with a client who had issues getting indexed by Google. Funny thing is Google really wanted to index them but they had server side issues which prevented indexing.

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