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Links are extremely important for SEO. Every SEO campaign requires that some effort be put towards getting links. When I first started SEO link building campaigns, would spend a lot of my time getting high pr links for clients. I would preform the tedious task of searching for quality themed links and begging the owners from those sites to link to my client’s site. Sometimes clients would set up ads on the sites. Usually a good link would cost my client $20-50/month which was just too much for a paid link, which now Google sees as spam. This was many years ago, I moved my clients away from this type of link building.

How SEO Link Building Changed
In recent years things have changed. The two biggest changes were: India and social media. India represented a cheap English speaking labor force that could handle the tedious repetitive process of finding links. They could do the grind work. Now realize India is not a prefect solution. Often the links built never get indexed or directory submissions which take a long time to be approved if ever. Also often they would use the wrong anchor text or get links on pages where it would require a login to view. They just didn’t get the finesse behind building effective links. The second change to the industry was the advent of social media. With social media the became a huge opportunity for places to find links: blogs, forums, social bookmarks, article sites, profiles, pliggs etc. But then there was issues of spam and poor linking strategies.

My Link Building Services
Over the past years I have tested dozens of link building companies, but always saw the same problems. So I ended up creating my own link building strategies (see my link building ebook) to get the most bang for the buck for my clients. I trained link builders how to create strong links and to do so a affordable cost. I build relevant high authority links which are not about gaming Google but are designed to drive traffic and build awareness of the client’s site. Each month client’s receive their link building reports to show exactly where the links can be found. But I don’t stop there. I make sure the links get indexed because if the search engines don’t know about your links then really what is the point. So every link built is submitted to the search engines. My link building campaigns work for my clients and can work for you.

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