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Installing WordPress – How to Install WordPress on a server using cPanel.

3 Questions to Ask a SEO to Test if They are Legit – Before hiring an SEO you should test them with these 3 simple questions that will show if they are legit or not.

Cost of Google – Did you ever wonder if Google is truly free? Find out how much Google costs us.

The Age of the Geek – A look at the rise of a new Geek empire.

The Way Back Machine – Learning about the history of the web from

Linkedin Marketing – using questions – How asking seemly obvious or dumb questions can improve your Linkedin marketing efforts.

5 Steps to Better Google Rankings – Learn the step by step process the best SEOs use to get improved rankings on Google.

Why Use a Seo – Why site owners should use an SEO for their web marketing.

Site Speed – Learn how Google now uses a site’s load speed as a ranking factor and how you can optimize for it.

Google May Day udate – Google’s Mayday update explains. Learn the impact and how to optimize for it.

Social Search Rankings – Google showing social media related content in its search results.

Top 10 Link Building Mistakes – List of the biggest mistakes people make when doing a link building campaign.

Twam – What is twam? What are the types of twam? Learn about the different types of Twitter spam or Twam.

Twitter Lingo – A brief introduction to the language of Twitter. Here is a guide to Twitter Lingo (Twingo) and Twitter Shorthand.

Inbound Marketing – Learn about the myth of inbound marketing and how to actually make it work for your business.

Top 10 Twitter Cities – List of top ten Twitter cities based on the number of users.

How to Boost Your Google Exposure – Learn some strategies for getting the most out of Google without the high cost of Google Adwords.

Search Engines in 2004 – A look back at the search engines in 2004…a time of great change for the major players Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Reach Out and Tweet Someone – Learn ways to build better business connections.

Reverse Googling – What is Reverse Googling? How can it be used to promote a business?

Sexy side of search – Learn some of the tricks that the sex industry uses to promote themselves online.

Artist Online Promotion – Answer to LinkedIn questions where someone asked how to promote art online

PR Drain – The truth about PR drain and how it works.

SEO is Not About Ego – Learn the most common mistakes people make when they let their egos get in the way of doing good SEO.

Auto Response Linkedin – Learn how to create effective auto-responses on Linkedin.

SEO Training Course – Full course on SEO marketing strategies.

Tweet Baiting – What is Tweet baiting? How have people used it successfully in their Twitter marketing?

Twitter Automation – The tools and ways to automate your Twitter account.

Why to use Twitter – What are the main reasons people use Twitter? Will Twitter make Google obsolete?

Link Baiting – Looking at link building strategy of link baiting: How to create the bait, how to use it, and benefits for marketing.

Browser Size Google Labs – Find out how others see your web site with Browser Size from Google Labs.

Plans for 2010 – A look at the year ahead and some of the things I have planned.

My top 9 of ’09 – My favorite SEO articles of 2009

Below are my favorite SEO articles from 2009. To see all of the articles from 2009 visit SEO articles 2009.

Internet Scam – Learn how affiliate marketers use the search engines to fool us into believing a product is worth buying.

Google Bombs – What are Google bombs and link bombs and how to use them for Google rankings?

Death of Geocities – The End of an Era…how a $4.6 billion company disappeared.

SEO Checklist – What to do to optimize for Google, Bing, and Yahoo

The Art of Writing About Nothing – The secrets writers and marketers use to convince people that they are writing an informative article without having to be informative.

Twitter Marketing Uses – How to use Twitter as a Marketing Tool – Why I love Twitter?

SEO Planning – A 10 step strategy for tackling clients’ search engine optimization.

Outsourcing SEO Talent – Should companies consider outsourcing SEO talent?

Twitter Secret Revealed – Twitter Secret Revealed to Building Followers & Making Money Easily

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