Social Search Rankings on Google

Noticed something very interesting on Google. If you are logged in with your Gmail account, you will start to see the following when you do a search for something related to a Google connection you have:

Two main features:

1) My Social Circle

2) My Social Content

Social Circle

Your social circle are people you are connected to via Google chat or buzz. You can even add people from Twitter and Friendfeed. (hmm no Facebook) As well it shows secondary connections which are people who are connected to your contacts.

Social Content

Your social content are the blogs and sites that belong to your contacts.

The net result is a individualized social search engine. This allows you to focus your search on the people and sites that matter most to you. Though the social search results are still in the beta-testing form it represents a potential huge shift in the way people will be searching. It shows that social media and the building of connections is increasing important as a marketing tool.

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