Effective affiliate marketing is a powerful and highly misunderstood marketing tool. The goal for most affiliate marketers is to create a squeeze page then get as many companies to promote that page on their sites. Most people do affiliate marketing in this passive way. They give the affiliates a lead gen form and a simple commission for any sells generated.
My business is 80% dependent on companies that sell my products/services. However, I do not refer to these companies as affiliates rather I refer to them as partners. My business model I take a very active role. My goal to make my business fit to the affiliates’ clients needs. So my affiliates see me as enhancing their business offering and as ingratiated part. This way it is natural for them to offer the service I provide. In order to achieve this I’m in communication with my affiliates on a daily basis and getting information on their needs. This is more work and doesn’t scale as much as affiliate programs with thousands of members, but it can be much more effective because the affiliates are motivated to promote my services because in doing so they promoting their own services, which I’ve tailored my services to enhance.
So if you want more success from your affiliate marketing think of ways to help your affiliates to grow their businesses.

If you want to learn more about my strategy for effective affiliate marketing or want to become a partner with me, please feel free to call me or email me.