Currently the big buzz word with online marketing is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing refers to driving visitors and customers by allowing them to find you rather than actively seeking them. Traditional outbound marketing differs because the marketer actively contacts the clients. Old approaches of outbound marketing involved email campaigns, cold calling, and even pay for click campaigns would fall into the category. Inbound marketing involves primarily the use of social media and creating brand awareness. Inbound marketers will create buzz through Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, and blogging. The big idea with inbound marketing is to go viral.

The problem with inbound marketing is that people slip into the belief that if they build it business will come. It was the same mistake people made at the beginning of the web where people thought by just having a web site they would instantly receive millions of visits and sales. Things are never that easy. To make inbound marketing or any type of marketing strategy truly work, you need to go that extra step.  The extra step means making contact. Unlike outbound marketing where you needed to make cold calls, inbound marketing has made the calls a much warmer process.

Here is the process: (4 step process + 1)
1) Connect your business to social media sites
2) Introduce your business and services to people
3) Build connections
4) Interact with the connections

(the extra step that makes inbound marketing work)
5) Take the plunge and don’t be afraid to call or email the contacts.  For larger businesses consider a call to action like a contest or promotion on your products or services.

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