For Twitter users tweet baiting is important to use and understand. Tweet baiting is to encourage people to reTweet or click links within your Tweet. It is similar to link baiting that is used as a link building strategy. Below are some Tweet baiting tricks:

I’ve seen some very successful uses of Tweet baiting. Probably my favourite was the link to story about Barack Obama. During the 2007 election Obama had out fundraised his competition by making use of social media and building grass root popularity. Obama remains one of the top people on Twitter. Now when a Twitter user leaked the story that Obama admitted that he never used Twitter it was big news. The person who was the original person to Tweet the link got hundreds if not thousands of reTweets. Even I reTweeted it and people reTweeted my reTweet. It goes to show the power of an interesting story.

One clever or maybe not so clever use of Tweet baiting was done by an affiliate marketer. The marketer used a PPC link within his Tweet, so every click meant instant money. To get people to click the link the Tweet said, “Scientists discovered cure for aging…click link for full story (then a link)”. The link hid the fact it was an affiliate link. When people clicked the link it went to a teeth whitening ad page. (All this teeth whitening spam on Twitter makes me wonder if people on Twitter have bad teeth.) The marketer’s campaign probably would have been very successful but the PPC company, he used, checked the Tweet text and saw that it was not the original format so they ignored the clicks. So as I said it was clever how they got people to click, too bad they ignored the rules and failed to make it work for them.

This last tip I’m about to share about Tweet baiting is very successful. People on Twitter love catchy quotes or tips. With that in mind, mentioning a timely quote or piece of advice can work wonders with getting reTweeted. To make this trick truly golden you add with a quote a link to your site, product, or service. Generally, quotes get a lot of reTweet action and often the embedded link remains.

When using Tweet baiting as a marketing tool the key is to be creative and interesting. If you aren’t good are being creative then search for popularly reTweeted posts and mimic their approach. Remember if the Tweet ain’t broke don’t fix it 😉

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