If you have been using Twitter, you have probably seen links for The Tweet Tank and wondered what it was and if it was just another scam. Here is my experience having used the product for past several months.

Is Tweet Tank a Scam?

Tweet Tank is definitely not a scam. It is a useful tool for people using Twitter to automate many of the most important tasks. These tasks include: Thank you messages (auto messages), RSS Feeds, Schedule Status Updates, Find Followers, Managing Followers, and Manage Multiple Accounts. Though many people misuse Tweet Tank, it is not a spam tool.

Auto Messages

Twitter is all about build followings and wouldn’t it be nice to send a thank you email to all of the people who follow you when they follow you. Well that’s exactly what auto messages do. It allows you to automatically send a thank you message to your new followers. The cool thing is you can include within the short message a link to your web site product or service. This is a nice and easy way to encourage new followers to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

RSS Feeds

If this feature worked on Tweet Tank it would be really useful. RSS feeds allow you to find relevant content from Yahoo and post it through your Twitter account. With Twitter it is important to provide your followers with useful content and not just affiliate links or personal promotions. The RSS feed would find the latest content for your readers and make you look wise in your readers’ eyes.

Schedule Status Updates

If you want to manage Twitter in your sleep, scheduling your Tweets is very important. This feature of Tweet Tank allows to create and to schedule, on an hourly basis, your Tweets. This is a very important for anyone doing affiliate marketing where they want to automate pitches to various products. Also, it is handy when trying to target peak view times for Twitter. Usually the best time to Tweet is from 9 am to 3 pm EST.

Find Followers

Probably the most value feature of Tweet Tank is the ability to automate the process of finding followers. They allow the user to target specific relevant terms by which to follow others. In a previous Twitter article I mentioned that by following people you generally get 40-50% of those people to follow you back. Tweet Tank does these in a seemly natural way and limits the max number of people you can follow so that you account will not raise any red flags with Twitter. Other software companies will allow you instantly follow thousands of people, though it may sound great, it will get you banned. Tweet Tank looks after your interests and protects you from that kind of mistake. With Tweet Tank you can build about 100 followers per day with a new account and many more with more established accounts.

Managing Followers

Tweet Tank will get you tasks that you need to do in order to best manage your account and allows you to automate follow and vet. Autofollow means to automatically follow people who follow you and auto-vet means to stop following people that no longer follow you. This is important because Twitter caps the number of people you can follow and it is best to reduce the number of people you are following whenever possible. So people that aren’t following you are dead weight don’t bother following them.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Another amazing feature is that you can do the same process for multiple accounts. This is really great for affiliate marketers who want to create multiple accounts to target product niches. Also great for companies who want to manage their employee’s Twitter accounts to help them building their following.

Tweet Tank Customer Service

Considering the product is very inexpensive (less than $20), the people at Tweet Tank provide awesome consumer support and service.

So my overall experience with TheTweetTank has been very positive. I would recommend it to anyone. Test it out for youself at TheTweetTank.com and get 6 free Twitter videos.

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