Twitter Marketing Course – Now is a Live Video Webinar

Due to the demand from those seeking to learn about Twitter, I have created a Twitter marketing course to share my knowledge and expertise with Twitter. The 2-3 hour course is designed to take people from being Twitter noobs to proficient Twitter marketers. The Twitter training course will be a live training session where attendees (strict limit of 5 people per session) are open to ask questions.

For Twitter marketing course schedule call me at 905-417-9470 or email me direct at

Twitter Marketing Course Outline

Part 1: Basics of Twitter (1-2 hours)

What is Twitter?
– History of Twitter
– Why people use Twitter?
– How is Twitter used?

How to Tweet?

  • create an account
  • profile optimization
  • background optimization
  • invite friends to get followers
  • create a short message to tell your group of friends what you are doing or about something cool you have found.

Tweet Optimization
– best time to Tweet
– / / /
– Twitter lingo
– Tweet Baiting

What is Twam? 
Twam is Twitter spam. 1) @reply spam 2) trending topics spam 3) DM spam 4) follow churn 5) account spam

Don’ts of Twitter

Building a Following

  • How to build a following?
  • Finding the right followers
  • Who are the top Twitters?
  • Why are they important?
  • Managing your followers

Part 2: Advanced Twittering (1-2 hours)

Twitter Marketing 
– Why and how use Twitter
1) Cross promote 2) Add Ons & Apps 3) Google equation 4) Advanced Twitter Search 5) Constant contact 6) Learning from the best 7) Stealing followers 8) Testing ground 9) affiliate marketing

Using @ and # Power
– @ replies
– # hashtags and chat
– #dailyquestion
– top #
– #li
– Trending topics

Building a Following Advanced
– Twitter secret: using Twam to build a following
– Automation (AutoFollow, Auto-thank you, etc.)
– Managing your followers (
– Using monitors (DM, @, #, keyword)

Twitter Marketing

  • Creating networks of cross promoters “retweeters”
  • Using Tweets to power content on your site
  • Using Tweets to create Synergy with other Social Media

Twitter Monetization

Other Twitter Tools

Let’s Tweet

Trying out all the things we learned from this course in a practical real example.

For Twitter marketing course schedule and pricing call me at 905-417-9470 or email me direct at

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