I’ve debated with myself about whether to reveal the amazing secret that I’ve learned about making money on Twitter. I only discovered the secret because of all the articles and research I had done on Twitter. Amazingly no one else seems to know the secret. In the end I decided to give this secret out of for free. I’ll make a video about this as well.

Here is the Twitter Secret to Building Followers:

Step 1: Say “thank you Allan”…because you owe me big time..lol

Step 2: Use http://search.twitter.com/advanced and do the search for “Teeth Whitening” in the “All of these words” field. The result will be mostly spammers. Generally, spammers will repeatedly tweet about some product or service. Teeth whitening seems to be the popular one for them today. Also, I saw a lot of spammers tweeting about “IQ test”. Reading my article about Twitter Spam to learn more.

Step 3: Click on one of the obvious spammer’s profiles.

Step 4: If the spammer has a lot of followers, click on their followers if not go back to the search result page.

Step 5: Follow their followers. The reason for it is the only people who would follow an obvious spammer are people using some kind of Twitter auto follow software. So by following the spammer’s followers, you will find the majority of them will follow you back immediately. I built 1000 followers in 2 days with this method. Oh one more cool thing, you can pick which ones you like the most and ones who are relevant to you based on their profiles. This process can be repeated to find hundreds of targeted followers fast.

Step 6: Automation…I use Twitank to automate the process. You can get their software for $15 (1-time fee) by visiting their site at TheTwittank they even provide nice video support. Basically, the software allows you to “steal followers from another user” use the handle of one of the spammers from step 2.

Step 7: Use Twittad.com or Revtweet.com and monetize your account or step up multiple accounts and monetize them. Enjoy the extra $$$…and remember repeat Step 1 :)

That’s it…

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