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SEO is a relatively large field with a very basic premiss: If you have strong links and good content you will rank well. Sounds simple and for the most part it is. The problem with SEO is the fact that you aren’t the only one doing it. Any individual keyword could have over million competing pages. The best analogy I can think of is being a great swimmer. Being the best swimmer in your small town may be impressive accomplishment which you could do with a little amount of effort, but making it to the olympics is another thing entirely. The olympics is like making Google’s 10 ten rankings. To make it you need a coach, which is the SEO. In the case of SEO there are many companies who claim to do SEO. The majority of these companies do SEO as part of the work they do. Usually their designers do the SEO having a little knowledge about the basics of SEO. Now back to my swimming analogy, do you really believe that if your coach was only a part time coach with some basic background in coaching that you would really want them to be the one to help you get to the olympics? It probably wouldn’t be a great idea. Though the work is relatively simple, it is important. In my case, I treat all of my clients as they are Michael Phelps and I don’t just want to get them to the olympics I want to get them a gold medal.

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